Leading Authority in Data Compression Joins Forces with HyperSpace Communications

Dr. Adler, co-author of gzip and zlib, collaborates with HyperSpace to establish new standard for Web speed

DENVER – HyperSpace Communications, Inc., a worldwide leader in the development of Internet acceleration software products, has contracted with Dr. Mark Adler to help the Company significantly improve the speed of its suite of compression products.

Adler is well recognized for being a co-author of gzip and zlib, two of the most widely used and distributed software offerings in the world. The contract with HyperSpace Communications will allow Dr. Adler to become an extended member of the Company’s software architecture team.

Initially, he will work toward transforming the world-renowned zlib compression library into an optimized dynamic Web content compression engine, which will dramatically speed up the downloading of Web pages through the standardized content encoding processes supported by all major browsers. This specialized engine will be directly incorporated into various HyperSpace proprietary product offerings rather than released into the open-source domain, as is done with zlib.

Dr. Adler’s accomplishments on the HyperSpace development team will supplement the already impressive suite of content acceleration products the Company offers to the Internet-based marketplace. HyperSpace recently announced the limited release of its flagship HyperSpaceŽ software that dramatically accelerates Internet transmissions for more efficient Web site downloading, e-commerce and e-mailing. HyperSpaceŽ requires no new hardware, very little maintenance, and is compatible with virtually every operating system.

“Whoever said ‘there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch’ apparently didn’t know about compression,” said Adler, who also is a member of the Mars Exploration Program at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. “Multiplying the efficiency of moving data across a building, across an ocean, or across the Solar System offers huge benefits, whatever the application may be.” Commenting on the exclusive Adler contract, John P. Yeros, Chairman of HyperSpace Communications, said, “To have someone of Dr. Adler’s stature and reputation working with us speaks for itself. Although we have an outstanding team of software architects and developers, the addition of Mark to our product development group is a powerful shot in the arm for HyperSpace. We are happy to have him on our extended team of creative, innovative compression experts.”

Adler has contributed free software on the Internet as a co-author of various data compression tools and technologies. He received his doctorate in physics from Caltech, and holds both a bachelor’s in mathematics and a master’s in electrical engineering from the University of Florida.