HyperSpace ® SSL

HyperSpace SSL compresses both http and https traffic. If your site is generating secure content and you are looking for speed, HyperSpace SSL is the product for you.

Similar to HyperSpace, HyperSpace SSL has been designed as a stand-alone process (daemon) that exists outside of the web server. This allows HyperSpace SSL to work in concert with the majority of web servers on the market today, as well as web servers that may be delivered in the future. As a separate process from the web server, HyperSpace SSL can easily be installed in a number of different web architectures, ranging from co-location with the web server to installation on a separate system in front of the web server, depending on system loads and specific site requirements. As a separate process, HyperSpace can be stopped and started without affecting the operation of the web server. Installation of HyperSpace is typically completed in less than 30 minutes and requires only an address change to the existing web server. HyperSpace SSL is a Siebel Validated product.

HyperSpace SSL performs both the compression and encryption process. Recommendations for installation vary depending on your architecture. Requests from the web server can be passed to HyperSpace SSL either clear or encrypted. A HyperSpace representative can recommend the best installation for your architecture.

As with all our products, HyperSpace SSL uses gzip compression algorithms and is compliant with IETF content-encoding standards as laid down in RFC 2616, which is the decompression standard of an HTTP 1.1 compliant browser.

The HyperSpace SSL works with major formats utilized for data and content, including HTML, XML, SQL, JavaScript, WML and all other text-based languages. HyperSpace’s technology performs compression real-time, therefore both static and dynamic content is compressed.

Compatible Platforms
· Microsoft Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP
· Solaris 2.5.1 SPARC and higher
· Solaris 2.6 Intel and higher
· HP-UX 10.20 and higher
· FreeBSD 3.0 and higher
· Linux 5.1 and higher
· AIX 4.3 and higher

Compatible Browsers
· All Browsers

Compatible Proxy/Web Servers
· HTTP 1.1 and 1.0 Web servers
· Caching Servers (proxy & reverse)
· Load balancers

· Accelerates both static and dynamic content
· Decreases download times
· Requires no client-side software
· Reduces bandwidth requirements significantly
· Offers rapid installation and minimal maintenance
· Small footprint

· Increased employee productivity and expanded mobility
· Increased eCommerce transaction capability
· Offers competitive advantages
· Increases efficiency of Web applications
· Improves customer satisfaction