Is there a chance to win at online roulette?

Most players, including even scientists, have been trying to beat roulette since its inception. They invented a variety of systems and strategies. They are inventing them even now, only with virtual roulette. The rules of the game, as well as its essence can be studied at any online casino site. There you can learn all the possible roulette strategies. If you have not yet found a good casino, you should explore canadian online casino reviews here

Roulette and tips from scientists

There have been times when players have lost their minds while trying to find a way to successfully play roulette. Only by stealing chips can one win at roulette – these are the words of the famous Einstein. The same dilemma is faced with the online version of the game, but, as with all games, roulette has its own nuances. Having studied them, you can greatly increase the chance of winning. But remember, whatever you’re playing, always be vigilant about gambling establishments. There are many scammers online who want your easy money. So play at casinos that have established a good name and positive reputation.

Determining the profitable type of online roulette

In terms of profitability, most players choose the French type of roulette. This is all due to the presence of one zero and the “La Portage” rule. According to this rule, the player gets back half of his bet if he rolls a zero. So the probability to meet this type of roulette in online casinos is rather small. This is due to the fact that if a player bets on the odds, the benefit of the gambling establishment falls to 1.35%. Let’s consider other types of roulette. For example, American roulette, which has two zeros on the wheel. This makes the entertainment not favorable for the players, on the contrary, increasing the casino’s benefit. The next type is mini roulette, which has twice as few sectors. Zero in this type of roulette falls more often, which reduces the chances of players to win. The benefit of the gambling establishment in this type of roulette reaches 7.69%.

The virtual roulette betting system

At the moment in online roulette there are many systems for betting. The most famous of them are Martingale, Laboucher and Parlay. However, no system can guarantee to protect you from losing. Their flaw is that the casino’s profits remain at the same level, so the player is only able to win for a small fraction of the time. All of these systems exist for free on the web. So do not believe the systems that supposedly guarantee a 100% winnings. And the last tip – choose an optimal type of roulette for you, allocate an acceptable amount for you and start playing. Success will surely come to you!

The roulette system “The Other Way”

This system is typical of the European and American type of roulette. To use this system, the player will need at least 120 chips. In case of defeat, the bet is increased. There are a number of rules, which should always be adhered to:

  • It is necessary to put 2 chips in the next 10 games, in case if 3 times for 16 spins falls out the same number.
  • If the same number rolls 2 times for 5 spins, you have to put 2 chips on it 5 rounds in a row.
  • A particular number rolled 11 times in a row? Bet two chips on it over the next two games.
  • In 10 games three times in a row falls split? The next 5 games you should bet 2 chips on it.
  • In the case of 6 games in a row of splits, you must bet 2 chips on it for the next 2 games.
  • 7 games in a row of straight? Here you must bet 3 chips for 5 games in a row.
  • If you get a straight in 4 games, you must bet 3 chips 3 spins in a row.

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