HyperSpace® comes in three different versions. For pricing and download information please contact our CFO Jim Kelly.

This version of HyperSpace® is an Internet Acceleration Server. Its function in life is to work in conjunction with any Internet Web or Proxy Server and see that the content being delivered to YOU, the end-user, is as small and as optimized as possible without ANY loss of actual content. It is fully compliant with all IETF standards and only requires the user who is requesting/receiving the content posses a current browser. Click here to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the RCTPD engine.

HyperSpace® Plus.

This is one of the Company’s core technology applications. The smart engine is specifically designed around a patent pending “snap-in architecture” to accommodate multiple compression algorithms which can be applied to HTML, XML, Java, SQL, Voice and Video on a real time basis.

Additional Features beyond HyperSpace®:

  • Faster.
  • Smart Engine.
  • Reporting and user logs.
  • Image, voice and video capabilities
  • Ideal for wireless environment.
  • Allows authentications and encryption.
  • Higher rates of compression (up to 97%).
  • Works with older browsers and devices without browsers.