J.D. Edwards and HyperSpace Announce Product Alliance Partnership

Internet Acceleration Solution to be Used Internally
and with J.D. Edwards Software Demonstrations

Denver, Colorado -HyperSpace Communications, Inc. (HyperSpace®), a worldwide leader in the development of Internet acceleration software products, and J.D. Edwards & Company (Nasdaq: JDEC), a leading provider of collaborative enterprise software and solutions, today announced that HyperSpace has become a J.D. Edwards Product Alliance partner. HyperSpace products will support and extend the functionality of J.D. Edwards Web-based demos to customers and prospects. Both HyperSpace and J.D. Edwards are headquartered in the Denver area.

“Through this partnership, J.D. Edwards continues its goal of delivering innovative and open systems so customers have real choices for implementing new business processes,” says Gina Ashby, Vice President of Customer Services and Partner Alliance Marketing, J.D. Edwards. “J.D. Edwards is excited about the HyperSpace solution, which clearly and substantially enhances the value and user experience for customers that have a mobile workforce or users accessing our software via low bandwidth connections,” she said.

J.D. Edwards plans to employ HyperSpace to improve the efficiency of its OneWorld demonstration environment. HyperSpace improves the performance of Web-based applications by compressing the data that is transferred. The implementation of HyperSpace on the J.D. Edwards OneWorld demonstration system permits improved response times even when sales teams are presenting via low-bandwidth connections.

“Using the HyperSpace product allowed ABN AMRO to greatly improve performance in locations with limited bandwidth thus eliminating the need for a complex distributed architecture. This has resulted in better performance, reduced support costs and most importantly, greater user satisfaction,” says Jeffrey Ward, ABN AMRO Vice President.

“We are proud to serve both J.D. Edwards and their OneWorld customers with a proven, reliable, stable solution,” says Kurt Brock, HyperSpace Chief Operating Officer. “We’re also pleased to be working with a company that is a neighbor of ours in the Denver Technological Center, so we can easily engage to add value to mutual customers and create new opportunities together.”

About J.D. Edwards & Company

J.D. Edwards provides software and consulting services that help companies collaborate electronically to manage their business processes, supply chains, and customer relationships. The company’s integrated products evolve as business needs change, allowing customers to implement new business processes while extending the value of existing technology investments. Founded in 1977 and headquartered in Denver, J.D. Edwards is a long-term business partner for nearly 6,500 customers in 113 countries worldwide.