HyperSpace i ™

HyperSpace i is a content acceleration server that compresses outbound user-intended content by becoming part of the web server. HyperSpace i is an ISAPI (Internet Server Application Programming Interface) filter designed to specifically work with Microsoft IIS and ISA.

HyperSpace i speeds content delivery by dramatically reducing the physical size of the content delivered from IIS or ISA to the client. As fewer content packets are sent from the web server to the web client, web server hits (requests) per second increase, transaction response times are substantially diminished and the web client receives content much more quickly.

As with all our products, HyperSpace i uses gzip compression algorithms and is compliant with IETF content-encoding standards as laid down in RFC 2616, which is the decompression standard of an HTTP 1.1 compliant browser.

The HyperSpace solution focuses on the major formats utilized for data and content, including HTML, XML, SQL, JavaScript, WML and all other text-based languages. HyperSpace’s technology performs compression by using loss-less compression algorithms. By performing compression in real-time, both static and dynamic content is compressed.

Compatible Platforms
· Microsoft Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP

Compatible Browsers
· All Browsers

Compatible Proxy/Web Servers

· Accelerates both static and dynamic content
· Decreases download times
· Requires no client-side software
· Reduces bandwidth requirements significantly
· Offers rapid installation and minimal maintenance
· Small footprint

· Increased employee productivity and expanded mobility
· Increased eCommerce transaction capability
· Offers competitive advantages
· Increases efficiency of Web applications
· Improves customer satisfaction