HyperSpace Announces Latest Benchmarking Results for Version 6.0, Introduces Two New Products

HyperSpace i for Windows® Users and Mod HS for Apache Servers

DENVER – HyperSpace Communications, Inc. (HyperSpace®), a worldwide leader in the development of Internet acceleration software products, today announced benchmarking results for its HyperSpace 6.0 product version.

The highlights of the benchmarks are:

  • Performance improvement for all the content types tested. It showed a reduction ratio (the factor by which content is compressed) of 5.42 for HTML, 4.14 for JavaScript, 3.95 for CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and 4.97 for overall compressible content.
  • Reduced download time for a 120K HTML page from 17 seconds to 7.8 seconds (54%), using a 56K modem speed – a net time savings of 9 seconds per page.
  • Bandwidth reduced : on average a 56K modem user will get the speed of DSL (about 122K).
  • HTML was compressed by as much as 82%.
  • Capacity of Web sites supported by HyperSpace 6.0 increased by a factor of between 2 to 5 hits per second, enabling corresponding increases in the number of concurrent users able to access the site.

“The just completed product test of HyperSpace 6.0 further exemplifies our commitment to provide tangible value to our customers,” said Kurt Brock, HyperSpace Chief Technology Officer. “HyperSpace is keenly focused on the issue of optimizing performance for users of Web sites and Web-based applications through software solutions that address the need for speed and reliability.”

HyperSpace also announced the introduction of two new content acceleration products, HyperSpace i and Mod_HS.

HyperSpace i

The HyperSpace i product operates on a Web server with Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) or Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server installed. The product is designed for customers who operate Microsoft Servers. HyperSpace i is competitively priced, easy to install and provides robust compression based on HyperSpace’s exclusive working relationship with Dr. Mark Adler, co-author of gzip and zlib compression algorithms.


Also available for beta testing this summer is Mod_HS, a proprietary, commercialized version of the Company’s Mod_gzip product offering, originally released as open source software at the end of 2000. Mod_HS is available for Apache servers on Linux and Unix platforms. Mod_HS is targeted to current Mod_gzip users that require a reliable, formally supported product, with improved performance and easy integration with other Apache modules, particularly Mod_SSL.

HyperSpace and HyperSpace SSL

Product offerings focused on the enterprise user, available on multiple platforms and compatible with a variety of Web servers are HyperSpace 6.0 and its secure equivalent, HyperSpace SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 6.0. HyperSpace SSL 6.0 is designed for users with complex and secure architectures. Both products, which are provided with formal support, are the best performing HyperSpace offerings, and are generally available. The products also incorporate the new zlib server, a HyperSpace exclusive, resulting from the development relationship with Dr. Adler.

“These products form the core of HyperSpace offerings,” said Brock. “Our current focus is a comprehensive, yet focused suite of Internet content acceleration offerings.”

“We recognize that customers are looking for specific solutions that rapidly deliver measurable value. I know of no product for content acceleration that provides a return on investment as quickly as HyperSpace. As the Company expands its product suite, we will continue to identify solutions for specific pain points, rather than creating solutions that are overly broad or complex,” said Brock.